Thursday, May 04, 2006

Babies at Beau Ties

Two of the women here in our office are expecting. Two others recently welcomed their first grandchildren. Justin, our Web guru, is a new dad. It all translates into a lot of cute baby pictures on the walls, the windowsills and the computer monitors.

As we celebrate these recent and anticipated births, I've been thinking about a baby bow tie. Many of our customers already buy bow ties for their baby boys. But what about all those proud dads and grandfathers who have to return to the office so soon after a baby is born? It could be fun to create "It's a boy!" and "It's a girl!" ties. Perhaps something sophisticated, with just a touch of pink or blue.

What to wear for those with twins or triplets? I certainly am glad that's not my problem to solve. Besides, those poor guys are probably to exhausted to put on a tie.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Spring/Summer Sox

Well, last night was the night. Johnny Damon, our erstwhile center fielder, returned to Fenway Park. By “our” I mean, of course, the Boston Red Sox. The team that keeps me in suspense season after long season.

They did win the World Series a couple of years ago, but if I have to wait as long for the next one as I did for that one, I’ll need to figure out how to just about double what would be my average lifespan. I’m not sure I’ve got the time or the energy to do that!

Fortunately, the bottom line is that I like the game -– and I just plain enjoy watching the Red Sox play. It was even fun to see Johnny Damon, even if he was wearing pinstripes out on that beautiful green diamond -– let’s face it, he went 0 for 4. Can’t do much better than that. And to watch David Ortiz crank out one of his patented three-run homers against Mike Myers just made my night. It’s going to be a great summer.