Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Better Bow Emoticon

I was logging into aol the other day, and while my mail page was loading, I was treated an to emoticon (one of those little smiley faces people put in their emails, like :-] and so forth). I guess this is aol's idea of educating us on the latest, greatest variants of these curious little combinations of typography. Whatever the case, it got me thinking: Why not a bow tie emoticon? I did a little tinkering, and came up with this:

;-) }{

(You can adjust the smile and wink to suit your mood...)

A bit of research uncovered that variants of :-)8 and :-)X are already in use, but I'll remain steadfast in my defense of the braces (a.k.a. "curly brackets") that I've used as exhibiting more of the panache synonymous with Beau Ties Guys. Anyway, it seems like it could be a great sort of "secret handshake" for all of us Beau Ties Guys to use in our email correspondence.