Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Movin' West

Don't worry - there's no threat of a move from Vermont: I just moved in a westerly direction a stone's throw down the hall to another office here at Beau Ties Ltd. HQ a while back. My new digs are situated adjacent to our call center, so I get to see (and hear) first-hand what a great job our Customer Service folks do in making sure everyone gets the Beau Ties they need.

I can also look out into our production area from my new vantage point, and see our seamstresses plying their craft.

I actually made the move before the holidays, and after witnessing our annual Christmas rush at such close range I just have to say how great it is to see the pride, care and personal touch that goes into the fulfillment of each and every Beau Ties order. I could watch from the incoming call to the order being handed off to our seamstresses, to the tie being created and all sewn up in the production area and then being packed off by shipping to complete its journey to its new owner. We've come quite a long way since our first days in the spare rooms in our house! Whatever the case, I'm enjoying the new perspective that comes with my new office - reminds how much of a homey, family operation we still are.