Sunday, May 21, 2006

Keep guessing, my friends

Well, I guess curiosity is a great conversation-starter! Your guesses for my mystery tie project are all admirable, but I'm afraid they're off the mark. (And sadly, Mr. Redenbacher passed away several years ago.)

If only I could offer a hint or two. Nope.


LincolnRepublican said...

Harry Connick Jr.?

Anonymous said...

Donald Tsang, the head of Hong Kong's government?

Running out of guesses...

-Algernon in Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, maybe you should work on a congratulatory series of dark bow ties for the Malaysian parliamentarians who call themselves "the bow tie brigade." They had been forbidden by law from wearing bow ties - they fought the law, and their high class fashion sense prevailed!

This link takes you to the story and a photograph of the victors, all wearing smart bow ties:

-Algernon in L.A.