Monday, May 08, 2006

Like-minded men

I guess I'm doing okay at this blogging thing, seeing as many of you have taken the time to read (and comment upon) my musings! Thank you!

Some of your thoughts and suggestions on new designs and patterns have me really excited. Butterflies, architecture, church insignia all are good ideas. Stay tuned to see whether (or when) these inspirations might turn into realities.


LincolnRepublican said...


Ties with a Christian theme would be great. Not just the standard cross or angel, but even ties themed for each Christian holiday. A creche for Christmas, empty tomb for Easter, a dove for Pentecost (and I'm sure there are many others!) would be great.

There are a few manufacturers of long ties with these sorts of themes to them, but NO ONE makes bow ties with these themes. It would be a great addition to the collection.

Anonymous said...

Regarding religious themes, let me thank you for that beautiful Angkor Wat tie. It is nice to have a design that connects to the Buddhist tradition without being too iconic or kitschy. And it's a lovely tie.


Anonymous said...

How bout a bow tie with a Masonic theme?