Monday, May 29, 2006

Raj for Congress

Seeing some of Vermont's political candidates marching in today's Middlebury Memorial Day parade reminded me of an aspiring politician (and television celebrity) I've met.

Even though I can't endorse him or vote for him, I think it's great fun that Raj Bhakta, the bow-tie-wearing competitor from the fall 2004 season of The Apprentice, is a candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania's 13th District. Raj and a friend dropped in at Beau Ties several months ago during a visit to Vermont. He purchased a couple of bows and chatted with the staff, and was very congenial. Raj seemed like a nice young man.

Take a peek at Raj's web site,, if you're curious. (Did I see him wearing a four-in-hand in some of those photos?)

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LincolnRepublican said...

If I lived in Pennsylvania, I would vote for this guy. He seems like a straight-shooter.

We need politicians like him who can compete with and replace the Ted Kennedy's of the world, so the bad politicans will become like "water under the bridge."