Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mystery man

Folks from Beau Ties met with our "mystery man" recently for a photoshoot of him wearing his new bow tie. What a gentleman.

It won't be too long now until I can disclose his identity, no to mention show you his handsome tie. Until then, keep guessing. Some interesting names have been thrown out there, but you're not even close!


Anonymous said...

Is it...

Bill Kenerson?

Anonymous said...

Wilford Brimley eating a bowl of oatmeal, checking his bloodsugar, and shooting at lawyers that look like Tom Cruise?

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump?

Rush Limbaugh?

Prince Charles?


Elvis?...no wait, I think he's dead, too.

George Hamilton?

George Foreman?

The cop that was slapped by Georgia representative Cynthia McKinney?

Judge Roy Moore

Judge Napolitano

Sean Hannity

Alec Baldwin

Anonymous said...

Garrison Keillor? He sometimes sports a red bow tie to match his red sneakers, and his movie has just premiered.

-Algernon in Los Angeles