Monday, July 24, 2006

Photo opp

Dan's thoughtful sharing of his commencement photo (see the entry below) inspired me. (No, I'm not going to start studying for the LSAT!)

I love to print pictures in my catalogs of Beau Ties customers wearing their ties. It's a true privilege of my job--to get to see how the ties my company makes become a part of people's day-to-day lives. Nearly every day, we receive photos of men, boys, babies and even dogs looking dapper in their Beau Ties--too numerous to count, yet all deserving to be seen. And what is equally enjoyable, they are often accompanied by the story behind the picture, whether it's a special one-time event or just a moment in time.

I think that my blog can become a way for me to share the wonderful photos that my catalogs' limited space can't accommodate. I can post photos here from time to time. Anyone want to go first? You can e-mail them to me.

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Michael said...


That's a great idea! Hope to see some great pictures. I might even be inspired to send a photo of myself! Love your bow ties!