Saturday, August 05, 2006

Leonardo's tie

I read, and thoroughly enjoyed, The Da Vinci Code. I have opted not to see the movie. Perhaps I'll rent the DVD when it's available, but I seldom go to the movies anymore. Why pay top-dollar when you can have a private showing at home, with no interruptions?

This great-looking Josh Bach design, featuring Leonardo da Vinci's well-known Vitruvian Man, will debut in the Fall 2006 Beau Ties catalog. I don't think it will provoke controversy in the same way Dan Brown's creation has recently.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,
I am a loyal customer and recently checked in to see your blog. Welcome to cyberspace! I buy your bow ties for my husband, Darren, a pediatric neurologist. He think's ALL neurologists should wear bow ties. Anyhow, I noticed the new vitruvian man bow tie and noticed it is already back ordered. Please keep us in mind when you get more of this silk in. As a native Vermonter I thank you for your products :)
Erica Lemberger-Farber

Anonymous said...

Dear Bow-Tie Bill:

A year or so ago I inadvertently purchased two bow ties from your company that were the wrong size.

I had intended to exchange them for the correct size, but misplaced the boxes. I had thought my wife had thrown them away, but low and behold there were the boxes again on the dresser after my wife "cleaned" the other day.

[Do ya ever wonder what they mean by clean? It means organizing things their way instead of yours since yours is obviously an inferior organizational strategy...but I digress.]

I was wondering what your policy was about exchanges that were, say, a year or so old? Like the previous person, I too am a loyal Beau Ties customer. (I heard it was pediatricians, BTW.)

Thank you for your answer!

--Family Doc in Illinois

Anonymous said...

I love the Vitruvian man bow tie!