Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fond memories of Frank

Some sad news to report: My goldfish, Frank, known for his great age and girth, has passed on to the aquarium in the sky. He lived a good life of a decade or so. Frank was a very loyal and low-maintenance pet, asking for little in the way of attention, food or accommodations. His eyes were the first to go. Can fish get cataracts? Deb seems to think so, since Frank's eyes were cloudy for the past several months.

There was no burial at sea for Frank. You see, he was so large that there was a very real danger of his earthly (or water-ly) remains clogging our plumbing. We gave him a modest burial plot in the backyard instead.


Anonymous said...

Heart-felt condolences on your loss. I'm sure Frank is in a better place.

Nice marker for Franks fin-al resting place. I wonder how much that tipped the scales. If I had bought that, I'd be in debt up to my gills.

For a much better array of puns, read the lyrics to Kip Adotta's famous song...

VintageGent said...

Thanks for sharing. I too had a very elder and very large golfish whose passing was similar to losing a beloved cat or dog. Swim on, Frank!