Monday, June 04, 2007

Pick of the Day

A while back, we added a new category to our website called Bill's Pick of the Week. The ties featured in this category are very limited editions - on the order of a only dozen or so ties being made from each fabric. The fabrics themselves are extremely short yardages that we've acquired, and only allow for short runs of ties. Since they were interesting patterns, it seemed better to create these limited editions, and make them available as Bill's Pick of the Week.

Last Friday, however, we mentioned my latest Pick (which had been put up on the site that morning) in our email newsletter. Turns out Pick of the Week was something of a misnomer in this instance - all 13 of these "Yorkton" ties had sold out by sundown that same day.

So, as it turned out, last week there were two Bill's Picks: "Yorkton" for the day, and "Dance With Me Polka" for the remainder of the week - if it lasts that long.

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