Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Way I See Things (pt. 2)

Seems that I'm not the only fashion-forward thinking individual who favors the aviator style glasses I mentioned in my previous post, "The Way I See Things". While reading my morning paper (USA Today), I ran across a piece quoting Junior Pence (an exec at Luxottica): "When they wear aviators, they tend to be mavericks or individuals who live by their own rules." Couldn't have said it better myself!

As it turns out, I'm in the rarefied, star-studded company of such aviator-wearing glitterati as Brad and Angelina, Jessica Simpson, and Victoria Beckham. It's heartening to know that they've come around to my way of seeing things.

Now if only Brad, David and Jessica's beau of the moment would all continue following my sartorially savvy lead and start wearing Beau Ties as well...


Anonymous said...

Okay, Bill, where's the bloggin'?

I just sent off for two new ties.

Love the business!!

Craig said...

Aviators are great! I don't have any bowties though, maybe I should give it a shot. It seems to come pretty highly recommended around here. :)

Alex said...

Bill, you rock again...
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