Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bill's latest adventure begins

My 75th birthday is coming up in a little more than a week.

Some people might throw themselves a party, go on a vacation or buy themselves a lavish gift. I, on the other hand, have decided to go the nonconformist route and start my own blog. I guess it probably won't surprise those who know me: When I was nearing retirement age, I started my own business.

Yes, I admit my business of choice was a little bit self-indulgent. You see, I love bow ties. When I started to have difficulty finding them, I started my own bow tie catalog company, Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont. My wife, Deb, and I partnered to get the business off the ground and have kept it going for more than 12 years. It's great fun, we have an interesting and loyal clientele, and I get my fill of fashionable ties. It has been a fun "retirement" adventure.

Perhaps, in honor of my birthday, I'll search out the perfect fabric for a new tie. Our customers have been asking for one, but so far Deb and I haven't been able to translate our ideas into a design that we think our guys would like. Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Bill! Hope there weren't any leftovers on the cupcakes.

You were asking about other designs and fabrics for bowties. One of my favorites was in the first catalog I received from you. Problem is, I didn't buy it and it hasn't been on-line or in a catalog since!

The design was called something like "King's Own Scots Regiment", a green, silver, and red (?) stripe. Is there any way you can get that pattern again?

Norm said...

I have been wearing bows for two years this month. It all started when I saw your offer of a video and bow tie for $15.00. Well I am hooked. Many of my current collection are yours and I get great comments on them. thanks for starting this and happy birthday

Glenn said...

Happy birthday Bill. I turned 75 myself last October and found it most enjoyable. I have been wearing bow ties most of my adult life. I was an Elementary School art teacher and found that when I bent over a child’s art work much chalk, paint, ink, clay, etc. was soon transferred to the tip of any long tie I would wear. Thus my introduction to bow ties. I’ve continued to wear them even into retirement.
For many years I had a difficult time finding distinctive bow ties until I discovered your company. I now have a collection of 54 BEAU TIES bow ties (redundancy intended). That’s one for every year I’ve lived after reaching the age of full majority. I may add another one this coming October! (I’ll drop a few hints to my wife).

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bill!

I really enjoyed my visit to the factory a few years ago on a vacation in Vermont. That was followed with a trip to the craft brewery just down from your place and then a trip to Waterbury to the Ben and Jerry's factory. Beer, bow ties, and Ben and Jerry's. Life is good!

Bill from Greensboro, Georgia said...

Happy Birthday Bill:

My wife and I are ardent fans of yours, and even visited your shop when we were in Vermont last summer. I have worn bow ties off and on for more than fifty years. There are now a total of six parishoners at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer that have adopted the bow tie as a signature item. I would like to find a bow tie with the Episcopal Church logo...and chance that you could develop such an item?

Warm regards, Bill

Anonymous said...

Many more Bill!

I have been trying for years to find a bow tie in one or more of the great fabric designs by Frank Lloyd Wright. I'm an architect, you see, and the only FLW ties I can find are four-in-hand (don't work well at the drafting table you know). I have thought about sending you a few of my long FLW ties to make into bow ties, but would prefer not to sacrifice them. You would be doing the design world a favor if you would make a few.

Dave P.

Ernie said...

Happy Birthday, Bill!!!

I have "converted" to all Bow Ties now. I came across a picture of muself at sunday School wearing a bow tie last year. I remembered how much I enjoyed that one as a lad. I've worn them ever since.

Thanks for your inspiration. I am aloyal customer and have had about two dozen favorite long ties "converted" to bow ties. The women love them. And all the men ask me, "You tie that yourself?"