Thursday, April 13, 2006

Say it ain't so!

Tucker, have you taken leave of your fashion senses?

Read Tucker Carlson's unbelievable April 12, 2006 announcement, "Goodbye, bowtie (Tucker Carlson)". I think the title of this post will take you there. If not, try

I'm speechless.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Go figure - as long as he doesn't satrt wearing a necktie instead!

Anonymous said...

Astonishing. I always felt a certain kinship with Tucker Carlson: we are both opinionated people from Rhode Island, both similar in age, and we both favor bow ties. I feel as if I have lost a sibling.

-Algernon D'Ammassa
(a very happy Beau Ties customer)

Anonymous said...

Just another example of people in the entertainment business and their lack of respect for their audience. Soon Tucker will be sporting a two day beard because he wants to give his face a break.

Thomas F. Nytch said...

Dear Mr Carlson:
I have worn a bow tie nearly every work day for the past fifty-plus years. (now, I'm 71) I never felt I was abusing my neck, and there are good reasons for me, at least, to continue tying that bow under my chin. Let me explain by telling you a story: I am a practicing veterinarian with a career that has taken my from a full service veterinary hospital to slaughterhouses, to the halls of academia. The bow tie identifies me in a unique way. The last day of a year of long and difficult work at a major slaughterhouse, surrounded by carcasses and hard-bitten tough-guy men and women working the line - (who, by the way, I learned to respect and have a certain kinship with) - I came on the floor, as usual, wearing a well-used and abused bow tie as is my habit, when I looked up at the line and every worker on the line was wearing a huge bow tie of one sort or another: a garbage bag bow, big cardboard peckled with majic marker, etc. then, they all cheered. Now, that's respect! I treasure that morning. And, the bow tie continues nearly every day. Thomas F. Nytch, DVM

Anonymous said...

My husband has been wanting to wear bow ties. I asked him if he really wanted people to identify him in the Tucker Carlson category. Thanks for posting the article. Now that I know Tucker is no longer wearing bow ties, I will take a look through your catalog and place an order! What a wonderful and strange world it is.