Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mohegan Sun

We started out at Foxwoods, but shifted over to Mohegan Sun when it turned out that we had been housed in an off-casino lodge.

Deb and I had been to Mohegan Sun once when it first opened, and were very impressed with the integration of a variety of Indian artifacts. We were particularly intrigued with their use of open water inside the resort building -- a series of interconnected marble standing pools and running streams culminating in a massive interior waterfall that thunders down a rock wall. It must be several stories high. Very unlike any of the casinos that we're familiar with from Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

It was a great change of pace, but it's good to be back on our home turf. Besides, I find striking it rich to be quite exhausting. (Just kidding -- I did moderately well, and at least I didn't lose my shirt!)

1 comment:

LincolnRepublican said...

If one loses one's shirt, what tie goes with that?

I guess it depends on your skin pigments. I'm a pale, Anglo-German descent caucasian, so I guess something to complement that. Perhaps Bubble Gum Polka?