Sunday, April 23, 2006

Today's the day

75. Wow. I always knew I would get here eventually, but I'm still a little bit amazed.

What to wear for such an occasion? Maybe I'll choose Homeward Bound, one of my new favorites.


Mike Nolan said...

Happy 75th
I'm in charge of your fan club on Long Island, New York.(I work with your friend Charlie (the HR genius) from Queens on our Hospice Care Network Board)
I'm a hospital administrator at Southside Hospital in Bay Shore and only wear Bow Ties.
I got hooked as a pharmacist in Boston going to Filene's basement on my lunch hour (bow ties keeps the ointment off the ties)

You make my favorite bow ties and Charles Osgood's Sunday morning show on CBS is my favorite show on the tube. His bowties are routinely crooked (larger on his left).
I recognize some of his ties as yours, and suggest you send him a complementary CD on how to do it.

I recently visited my daughter who is in Florence,Italy for a semester.
The family she lives with had pictures of their grandfather who was a bowtie wearer. I found one in a store with a fleur de lis pattern (the symbol of Florence) and presented it to him at a dinner we had our last night.
He insisted on wearing it and the waiters (remembering his father) were in tears.
I've since sent him a catalogue and a CD with a demo tie.
Best of luck and keep up the great work

Tom said...


Happy 75th Birthday! What a milestone. Thanks for creating Beau Ties Ltd. I have worn your ties for years and appreciate their quality. I tell people at the school where I teach that bow ties are the "wave of the future." Anyway, I'm known as that professor who wears bow ties. They are distinctive and I thank you for your part in making them accessible.