Friday, February 16, 2007

My Snowy Valentine

In case you haven't checked out the national weather in the past few days - here's your intrepid correspondent's front line report from Vermont regarding our Valentine's Day nor'easter. (Finally, a proper snowstorm like we used to have!)

Beau Ties as it appeared from the parking lot on Thursday morning. Decided I'd be going in the back way.

Good thing this drift was a few feet to the right of the back entrance...

...But not so good if you were hoping for a view out of this window! (That's a bit of sky peeking through in the upper right corner).

The drifting wasn't quite as dramatic at the cafeteria door...

Here's a view out the front door over towards the shipping entrance. Looks like there's still some shoveling to be done!


Joseph said...

How long will snow like that stay around before it melts and makes a slushy mess? I am vey fond of Vermont, having spent a year based out of Shelburne with my father in the 1980's. Somehow, years later, I've ended up in the colder extremes of Alaska. It has been a mild winter.

Bow Tie Bill said...


Well, that snow stuck around for about a month and although we still have remnants left, here in Middlebury they are mostly limited to the bottom of north-facing ravines or slowly-melting piles of bulldozed snowbanks. It's time for spring.

I'd be interested to know what a "mild winter" in Alaska looks like. And if you ever get homesick enough to meander back to Vermont, I hope you stop in to see us here at Beau Ties.

Bill K