Friday, April 21, 2006


I came into the office today to find the place festooned with ballons and the kitchen brimming over with birthday treats, like the delicious bow tie cupcakes pictured below. (OK, so there's a few missing already - after all, somebody had to test them.)

It's still not my birthday yet, but after 75 years of waiting, I figure I'm entitled to start the party a few days early. Cheers!


LincolnRepublican said...


I've been a loyal customer now for about three years.

I appreciate ALL your company does; bowties are available in ONE shop in my town, and then it's hard to find my size (fat neck, what can I say?) When they do have my size, they want $50+ per tie.

You have my vote for best bowtie on the internet!


Anonymous said...

Dear Bill
You have a great product - wearing your (our) bowties gives me a great deal of enjoyment.
I'm often complemented on my tie and, as I'm sure you know, often asked, "Did you tie that yourself?"
Amazing that so many think that it's so difficult to do. Maybe we shouldn't be so eager to tell them how easy it is!
All the best for many happy birthdays to come!
bruce Hirschhorn

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from a very satisfied customer. (In fact, I am wearing one of your ties as I type this message.)

-Algernon D'Ammassa

Kathleen Fasanella said...


Boy, I was thrilled to see you have a blog. I think that's just great. If you have the time -pretty please- would you mind posting a comment to my blog about your blog? I'm collecting comments from manufacturers with blogs in the entry "Manufacturers blogs":

I plan on creating a blog roll of all the manufacturers with blogs and would be pleased to include you.

Anonymous said...

My son, Chris, is 16. He was introduced to Beau Ties by the father of one of his friends. He loves the bow ties and has several. He goes to a private high school here in Tampa, Florida and tried wearing one to school on coat and tie day. He was told he couldn't because they cause too much commotion. He is bent on getting them to change the rules before he graduates in 2 years. Any suggestions to help him win his case would be appreciated. Thanks, his mom, Anne Van Pelt.

Don K said...

Hello Bill,

I have been a steady customer of yours ever since Liberty of London ended their retail presence here in the U.S.

My wife and I were in London two weeks ago and I sought out the flagship Liberty store to look for yet one more of the unique Liberty bowties. To my surprise, their bowtie rack only had about a dozen ties on it. All but one were "standard issue" and only that one exception was made from a Liberty of London fabric.

You know what this means, of course. Beau Ties is now the premier bowtie company in the world!! Your last serious competitor has rolled up their tent!

Happy 75th!!

Take care,


Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday. I had no idea. I thought you were about 55!

I wore your Easter Egg tie to Church last Sunday - I had quite a number of appreciative comments.

Hope you have another Seventy five!

Jim Shields
Scottsdale, AZ

Dante said...

Dear Bill,
many many greetings for your 75th birthday!
This blog is a special gift (for us!), and your bow ties are nice and elegant.
I am a collectioner ... I buy them from all over the world.
I wish I were there at your party.

Saul said...

Happy 75th Birthday! I started wearing bowties in my teens. I am now 66 and have a nice Beautie collection. I look forward to seeing the new ties you present to us for the next 25 years.